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BPA – Will it ever go away?

As I’m sure many parents have been reading the past few months, BPA (Bisphenol A), has become a hot topic.  It’s really sort of old news now.  To sum up, BPA is a chemical found in lots of plastics and it’s bad.  Research has shown that we absorb most of the BPA in our systems through food (canned, tupperware containers, bottles, etc.)  Apparently BPA can hang around in your system for a long, long time and cause all sorts of scary problems.  The Wikipedia Entry on BPA is actually quite informative.

The flurry of talk about BPA started sometime last year when the CDC initially decided that the levels of BPA we Americans were injesting was safe.  About the same time, Canada decided to ban BPA from baby bottles.  More studies were done, more debate and discussion ensued.  In Connecticut and New Jersy Attorneys General asked the six biggest baby bottle manufactures to remove the chemical from baby bottles, and they agreed.  So, we (the US) are finally moving the in the right direction when it comes to BPA and baby bottles.

At one of our first check-up appointments for Parker, I asked our pediatrician about BPA-free bottles.  In his always relaxed manner, he said that the next time he is in the market for baby bottles, he will probably replace his current ones.  That seemed like sound logic to me, so I started searching for BPA-free bottles in preparation of the day we would introduce a bottle to Parker.  It turns out they aren’t easy to find in my area.  I ended up ordering the Avent bottles from Amazon.

At first, I was little weirded out by the slightly honey-colored tint the bottles have, but according to Avent, that’s how BPA-free bottles look, and now I don’t even notice it.  I think BPA-free bottles were the right choice for us, and I felt good about omitting this potentially hazardous chemical from my son’s meals.  Then my husband asked me about pacifiers.  We went through a lot of trouble to find BPA-free bottles, but what about things like pacifiers, teething rings and all those other things that Parker will eventually put into his mouth?  I removed BPA from the most frequent plastic thing he puts into his mouth right now, but will that matter in a few months when I can’t control everything going into his mouth?  Along those same lines, what about sippy cups?  Xander has an extensive collection of sippy cups and I’m sure all of them contain BPA.  Should we toss all of our sippy cups into the recycling bin and start over?  Would it make a difference now or is it too late already?  Amazon has some nice ones in stock, but it’s not cheap to start over…

So I continue to keep an eye on the news and the information about BPA.  Does it make a difference that we hand wash Parker’s bottles, and that he drinks formula cold, so his bottles never get to a temperature that should be high enough for the BPA to “leach” through?  What do you think?  Should I be the mom who eliminates all plastic toys from my house, and buys only wooden, lead free paint toys?  Or should I continue on the “wait and see” path, and assume (hope) that the steps we’ve taken so far are enough to keep our children healthy?

Xander Week 43 – We Have Mobility!

Playing on the floorFor quite a while we wondered if Xander would ever crawl, or if he would just skip straight to walking. For the past few weeks, he has gotten very close to crawling, but his balance is getting better, and he’s on the verge of cruising along on furniture. So, when he figured out how to crawl this week, we were happy, and surprised. Xander finally figured out that he can move around under his own power.

This means more hands free time for Zach and me, but more time keeping Xander away from things that he shouldn’t put in his mouth, or things that might topple onto him, etc. Xander has also discovered that everything in our house that isn’t a toy is much more fun to play with than the large box of toys he’s got. Since we can’t put our kid in a bubble, I feel like I’m constantly chasing him around trying to make sure that the rest of the world doesn’t hurt him – it’s keeping me quite busy!

Zach and I spent yesterday baby-proofing as much our house as we could – safety gates, safety knobs, corner protectors, safety plugs, and wires to attach large objects to the walls. I feel like we did a pretty good job, but we’re new at this, and Xander isn’t home to test all of this stuff out yet and show us how much we have to learn when it comes to baby-proofing…

I’ve heard people say that your world changes when you have a baby, and then your world changes again when your baby starts to move. I can certainly agree with the first part, and given the safety gates and knobs I’m now navigating through, I’m guessing there is some truth to the second part, though I haven’t had quite enough experience with it yet to have a definitive answer.

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