Far Too Long

I love chapstick - especially whey they let me put it on myself!
I love chapstick - especially whey they let me put it on myself!

It’s been far to long since I last posted.  I can point to a number of reasons for this.  Wordpress works funky on my iPad so I have to type everything in the excerpt box and then move it when I get to a real computer.  We haven’t uploaded new pictures to flickr for ages, and those usually give me inspiration.  The second child always gets shafted.  The milestones are still exciting, and while they are new for Parker, they are not new for us.  Couple this with the fact that he hates to have his picture taken and the result is far, far less blogging from Sara.

Our friend Jenny gave Parker some books (among other things) for Christmas.  One of the books is No No Yes Yes.  The first time I read the book to Parker, I had an strange sensation of reading it before.  We read through it again and I realized I had not read the book before, just lived every single No No page.  The book shows two pictures, a ‘no no’ and a ‘yes yes’ (no no dumping your food, yes yes eating  your food, etc.).  Parker does every single no-no in the book (except for pulling the cat’s tail).  He dumps his food, he plays in the toilet water, he pours water out of the bath tub (didn’t discover that one until it started soaking the carpet the floor below).  He runs away from us in parking lots, he hits his brother, the list goes on.  Read the No No Yes Yes book and you’ll get a pretty good idea of how Parker acts.

I love the kid to pieces, but he is just a naughty little boy about 65% of the time.  It’s harder to write about that stuff – I don’t want either of my kids to look back at this digital preservation of their lives someday and see all the glowing, loving posts about Xander and pages and pages of text about Parker’s latest behavioral flaw.  And yet, I constantly struggle to find the good posts, the ones where Parker sticks up for his older brother or tries to give me a fish kiss with a face covered in applesauce.  I’ll try harder to find the good stories along with the not-so-good to share, and I’ll try to carve a little time out of my crazy days to sit at a computer and write, and I’ll also try to upload more pictures to Flickr which will almost certainly make me remember lots more things to blog about.

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  1. Ahhhh, the naughty vs my (almost) angel…that 2nd child is far from easy in my house :-)

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