5 thoughts on “Banned from Facebook”

  1. I am sorry that happened to you.

    I am calling this most recent facebook incident, “the straw”. I am deleting my account. I resisted creating an account for so long, then I finally did and enjoyed reconnecting with old friends and making some new ones. But, I never have been comfortable with it. I check my privacy setting on a weekly basis and am a big “block application” fan. But…I am all done now.

    Thousands and thousands of WOMEN users were effected and their “solution” was for the users to scan and email a photo ID? That rankles every feminist fiber of my being. I know that is not rational, I know that “bugs” occur, but their mishandling of this situation was too much for me to ignore.

  2. My FB A/c is presently disabled. Please help me. I do not know the reason. If at all Some violation unknowingly by me I wish to correct. I have provided my Driving License as a proof of ID before 8-10 days and no reply from FB. I wish to be a genuine user of FB. I have never posted wrong message/pic. I have not done anything wrong as far as my knowledge. However, I will do the corrective action if made known by FB for my account to get enabled.

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