Time Rolls On

I haven’t added to this space in far too long.  Life keeps us all busy, doesn’t it?  My hiatus from blogging is twofold.  First and foremost, this space has always been a Mommy Blog space for me.  I’ve written about my family growing up.  At some point though, the decision on what to put out on the internet for all to read isn’t mine anymore.  We’ve had plenty of highs and lows with both boys, but I hesitate to share them with the world, because they aren’t really my stories to share anymore.  The second reason, as always, is working full time all day, and then spending time with the family at night before crashing in exhaustion.

The title of the blog though, is Being Sara.  So I’ll share a story that is mostly about me.  Recently I left my job at the University.  I worked there for many years in a variety of roles, the most recent of which was to run the Help Desk.  There were so many things I loved about my job.  Most of all, I loved my students.  They called me Boss Mom, and I nurtured, guided, and trained all of them.  I loved it.  Unfortunately, even with all of the positives, I wasn’t happy.  One big negative was enough to lure me away from the University when an opportunity arose.

What opportunity you ask?  10up.com.  10up is a very cool, and very quickly growing company that provides WordPress-based solutions to a myriad of clients.  They were looking for Web Producers, people to assist their Project Managers (called Senior Web Strategists)  in managing their quickly growing client base.

Most interestingly, 10up is 100% distributed.  Everyone works from home, from coffee shops, from co-work spaces or wherever they can find a good internet connection.  There are a few clusters of employees and in those locations there is an office available to them, but for the most part, we are all over the place.

In the interest of not turning this into a novel, I’ll save my thoughts on working from home for another post.  With a new schedule though, and things to write about I’m hopeful that blogging can become a regular thing again.

Vacation with small children is not for the feint of heart

Zach and I took the boys on a 10 day vacation this year.  Well, we planned a 10 day vacation filled with trips to zoos, chocolate town, water parks, museums and plenty of time to swim in the hotel pools. What we ended up with were children who fought, argued and complained – mostly with each other the entire time. On the 7th day of the constant arguing, I decided that with every new argument I would pack up something (with the first argument, I packed my clothes, with the second argument, Zach’s clothes, etc.). By 2pm on Wednesday we were about 80% packed and decided we’d get up Thursday morning and drive home. The boys were of course upset, especially when they realized what they were missing (water slides, trains, more pool time…) but Zach and I were just exhausted.

It didn’t help that our bed in the Poconos was horribly uncomfortable. The room was clean enough (even though they don’t provide a daily maid service – if you want clean linens you have to strip the beds yourself and bring the laundry to a trade-in spot, get your clean linens and re-make your own beds), but the wireless was slow and annoying. There were signs in every room of our suite threatening a fine for various infractions like bringing your room towels to the pool or leaving the kitchen messy. The pool was also disturbingly dirty – cloudy enough that you couldn’t see your feet, and every time we swam we found things like hair ties and other little trinkets and would often get random hair tangled in our fingers (gross!) We managed to get there a few times when it was relatively quiet, but usually it was filled with loud, boisterous people who couldn’t care less about our small children and how their games and splashing affected anyone else.  Obviously we won’t ever return to that hotel.

The drive home was long, but it was soooo wonderful to get back into our soft, giant bed. The boys went to day care on Friday, and Zach went into work. I had a whole day home alone, and it was one of my favorite days of the entire vacation. Next year Zach and I will find a way to take time off without small children – it’s going to be a while before we’re ready to travel with those two again.


Xander "helps" to make brownies

Xander is in love with brownies. We don’t have them very often, it’s a fairly rare occasion, but sometimes there is an occasion to make a treat (usually to share with other kids) and Xander’s go-to suggestion is always brownies. He is especially happy if he can convince me to make an extra batch to keep at home. His brother on the other hand, consistently refuses to even put a brownie to his lips. Strange kids…


Summer Camp

Our now 1st grader starts summer camp tomorrow.  I’m nervous about it.  I don’t think he has put much thought into the idea that tomorrow morning at 8am his dad is going to drop him off to hang out with strangers all day.  I think it’s probably a good thing he hasn’t thought about it much, or he wouldn’t want to go.  On the bright side, he does not require summer school assistance this year.  I didn’t really think much about it until I started asking other parents what their kids were up to, and found an equal number of kids attending summer school as are not.  I guess our kid happens to read and know his numbers well enough to not require further assistance.  w00t.  He does however need to work on his handwriting.  That will certainly be a challenge for all of us this summer.

Summer camp is another mile stone.  One that is creeping up fast.  Ready or not, this boy is growing up.

I don’t care who started it!

I think so far Zach and I have been fairly lucky in the sibling department.  In general Xander is an amazing big brother.  He is sweet, kind, patient and understanding.  He looks out for his brother and makes sure that if he gets something, his brother also gets the same thing (“Mama, can I have 3 strawberries?  Can my brother have 3 strawberries too?”)

But lately Xander hasn’t been such a push over.  In turn, there are arguments over almost everything in the house.  They argue over who gets the bigger toy snake or who gets the tiny green alien.  They argue over which books to read at bedtime and whose turn it is with the iPad.  It feels like our house is a battle zone every day.

I try not to intervene too early.  I try to let them work it out, which usually means I step in after someone has pushed someone else which mean that that someone else kicked someone, etc.  They are clearly not working things out well between themselves lately, and it’s exhausting playing referee.  I’ve resorted to preemptively picking who will go into time out next. “The next time I hear screaming, it’s Xander’s turn for time out” then I hear the “but he started it” which leads again and again to the “I don’t care who started it – you both need to stop now”.

Separating them works for short periods of time, but they are drawn to each other like magnets, and it only takes a few minutes for one to discover some fun toy, and the other one to immediately want it.  I’m not sure what changed in their normal playing behavior recently, but I seriously hope they get themselves figured out before we go on a two week vacation or I’m investing in some industrial strength ear plugs for myself.